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The 2016 Employer Immigration Metrics (EIM) survey gathers the latest information from U.S. employers on how they access global talent and whether the immigration system is meeting their needs.

Here are a few key results: 

  • 74% of respondents reported that the ability to obtain work visas in a timely, predictable and flexible manner is critical to their organization’s business objectives. 
  • 35% of respondents whose organizations are subject to the H-1B visa cap reported 
that they had lost key organizational talent due to H-1Bs being unavailable under the cap.
  •  Respondents report cumbersome immigration procedures at least double the 
length of the hiring process. In some cases, the total time needed to hire an employee is increased 6x, despite the fact that for most employers, immigrants constitute less than 5% of the U.S. workforce.
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